“One Dance” starts the SONG OF THE SUMMER SEARCH

I could see it coming around the corner. 

There were some false hopes; Justin Bieber’s “Sorry,” Ariana Grande’s “Be Alright” (my girl), that “Cake by the Ocean” foolishness. These songs vary from amazing to “/ah/”, but ultimately their early releases kept them from lasting throughout the start of the summer season.

Now, I dust off my Masters jacket and return as the Nate Silver circa 2012 of the Song of the Summer game. That’s right folks, we’re back in business: The business of finding the song to define our next few months. Vamos a la playa!!

Sure, the definitive winner last year, Fetty Wap’s “Trap Queen,” was released in 2014, the year before it won our hearts and stoves. Yet its early underground status, optimistic presence and Mr. Wap’s novelty voice kept it in our heads ‘till well into August. But it’s a new year. A new time with new goals and principles. So it only makes sense that old-man Drake finally comes to drop a stake in what could be rightfully his.

Fresh off a “Song of Autumn” win (You call me on MY cellphone, buddy), Drake is rocking it like no other. Well, perhaps he could be rocking it a bit better; his highly anticipated “Views” album ultimately ended up being a snooze. It’s a bit of a 50-50 – for every “Weston Road Flows” there was a “9.”

But if this album affirms anything, it’s that pop is Drake’s game. Some of the hottest tracks on here, like “One Dance” and “Controlla,” find Drake at his J Balvin best. Smooth and light, Drake floats over these Caribbean beats so well I could honestly care less whether it was Drake or not. 

In particular, “One Dance” is tightly composed, with a sweet hook and structure that rightly switches things up near the end. The song’s features are almost more memorable than Drake, and its production keeps it buoyant enough for our earth’s rising temperatures.

The only other song I can see as an early contender is Beyoncé’s “Hold Up”. However, its tempo and lack of reach (Jay Z: “Join Tidal, dawg”) will ultimately keep it out of the race for good. Sorry, #BEYHIVE, she can’t win them all, no matter how well she makes up a story with Jay Z.

I’m out here still listening to Jeremih and Mac Demarco, but Drake’s coming in tepid with this one. Let’s keep our eyes out for that FUEGO so we can maybe top off a great 2015. Lo u all.

– Miguel AKA Migs AKA Young Chilean AKA Let My Love Adorn You AKA Latin Record Lover

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